"Meathook" Jim Millspaugh


From the age of 4, Jim has always been a haunter, scaring his mother for years, every opportunity he got. Fast forward to his adult life, he always set up a small yard haunt to scare the neighborhood kids, until he started working at King’s Island as a scare-actor. From there he created his own actor training company, Unknown Scare-Actor LLC, and he has acted at several notable haunts, such as the Dent Schoolhouse and Netherworld. His actor training credits include teaching at HAuNTcon in 2011, several classes at Midwest Haunters Convention, Scare-A-Torium, BackWoodz Oddities, Stillwell Manor and Fear Fair. In 2013 he founded MAUL Traveling Actors, and they performed around the Kentucky, Ohio and Indiana tri-state area. A co-host of the Big Scary Show and WrestleHorror Podcast, he is also published in the European magazine ScareWorld. “My goal is to help you be the best at scaring people.”
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