Leonard Pickel

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Innovator, Designer, Artist, Inventor, Teacher, Writer, Leader -Leonard Pickel has over 40 years of themed attraction design and operations experience, creating 300 original and innovative Haunted Houses, for major venues worldwide including Madison Square Garden, Universal Studios Florida, Six Flags theme parks, Kentucky Kingdom, the Playboy Mansion Halloween Party, Ellen DeGeneres’s Game of Games and SCREAMS Terror Park, as well as Haunted Attractions in foreign countries including Puerto Rico, Canada, Russia, China, Saudi Arabia, Australia and India. Pickel’s creative accomplishments include design and sales of the industry's first turn-key Haunted House kits, and the first Haunted Attraction adaptation of the "Field Theory" (the triangular grid system). Over 1 million people from Los Angeles to New York, Orlando to Seattle, have experienced the "Pickel Theory" of Haunt Design firsthand.
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