Brandon Treadway


Brandon's extensive experience in event planning spans from grassroots non-profit community functions to large-scale commercial ticketed events and themed seasonal attractions. Brandon is a take-charge event professional focused on making every event he's involved in unmissable. He created Treadway Events in 2015 to bring his creative interests and ideas to life along with his clients' visions, year-round. Special Events Magazine has recently recognized Brandon as a "Top 25 Young Event Pro To Watch" in 2020. Brandon's passion for the haunted attraction industry began during his childhood through "home-haunting." He started his first professional haunted house at the age of thirteen. After four years operating "The Haunted Ghost Town," he started his new, Treadway Events owned endeavor, "The Cinema of Horrors Haunted Attractions," in 2016. Over time, Brandon has learned to manage mile-long task lists, logistics plans, and team communications to execute multiple events at the same time efficiently. He's eager to show you how to implement the same software he uses in his businesses to help you eliminate error and planning anxiety.
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