Seymour's Shop of Horrors

Seymour's Shop of Horrors


Tell us about your company history

Seymour's Shop of Horrors is a lifelong dream come true, creating custom homemade Halloween masks. My goal is to bring quality original latex masks to my customers with customization of colors with a personal touch. I began making masks back in 2013 and I have loved every minute of it, gaining new skills and experience every year my work just keeps improving and growing to meet my customers' demands.  

what's your favorite product you're offering this year?

At this moment that would be my new Mothman full head mask with faux fur neck. It was inspired by my trip to Point Pleasant in 2017 and I’m very proud and excited about this mask. 

what brought to you hauntcon?

I have wanted to get out to more tradeshows and meet more customers to show off my work and HAuNTcon seems like a great event to try out. Having a Haunters tradeshow in eerie New Orleans definitely didn't hurt.


What's your favorite part of Halloween?

The overall spirit of the season, the smell of fall leaves and crisp air, the look of neighborhoods as everyone begins to decorate their homes. All the horror movies being shown on T.V.  I don't think I could pinpoint one thing about the Halloween season that I like, it really is the whole season that I enjoy.


Where can haunters find more information about your company?

There are two places you can find me and that is Facebook and Etsy listed in both places under Seymour’s Shop of Horrors.