Scared of My Shadow

Scared of My Shadow


Tell us about your company history

So, you could call me a chicken or at least, the kid version of me.  You see, I didn't grow up loving horror like most scare makers, nope, not this little peep.  To be quite honest, I was downright heebie-jeebied by all things killer: mega sharks, eggplant-headed aliens, zombified hordes, demon dollies but most of all, those elusive masked maniacs.  But you gotta cross that road and face your freak-outs, sometime right?  So long story short, Chicken Little grows up and bawk-bawks at her childhood fears and starts incubating all things playfully creeptastic.  Scared of my Shadow is hatched.

With over 15 years of professional design and construction expertise in costumes, masks and props, Scared of my Shadow knows how to engineer a hauntingly beautiful scare without sacrificing comfort.  SOMS is proud to be a woman owned and operated business.

What's your favorite product you're offering this year?

My favorite new addition to our mask collection would have to be our jackalope inspired mask, Rabid Rabbit. Not only does it have a striking presence as a display piece but also the scale of the mask is truly transformative on a wearer.  Worn with a simple hooded cloak, you instantly have a haunting character to creep in the woods or, don Rabid Rabbit with a distressed jacket and bloody timepiece for a twist on the Wonderland mythos.

What brought you to HAuNTcon?

I decided to give HAuNTcon a try for a multiple reasons.  First and foremost, I am trying to grow my business.  A show floor that features a marriage between a haunters convention and a retail buyers event seemed like an excellent opportunity to explore the possibility of a wholesale market AND give my fellow haunters a peep at what’s incubating in SOMS’ coop before any other tradeshows.  And, being in NOLA was also a draw; there’s a town that knows how to masquerade!  What better place to show your wares for a mask maker.

What's your favorite part of Halloween?

I don’t think I could boil down my love of Halloween to a single part but if I HAD to, it would have to be the shared experience of the season. 

For me, it’s about crunching through leaves in a seemingly endless wood to spook yourself and your friends.  It’s about the mundane call of a crow transforming into a portent of doom.  It’s the harvest moon igniting the paths with deep shadows and a chill that isn’t just the falling temperatures. It is the imagination taking hold and rattling your chains, sending your friends into peals of laughter at your folly. It’s mistaking an actor for a prop, a wall for a doorway or an end for a beginning.  It’s the ache from that laughing and laughing and laughing so hard and knowing, that you are quite literally, not outta those woods yet!

Where can haunters find more information about your company?
Facebook: scared of my shadow
Instagram: scaredofmyshadowart