Sanguinary FX Studio

Sanguinary FX Studio


Tell us about the history of your company?

Sanguinary FX is a Halloween mask and creature design studio, owned and operated by Jeremy Cassity. Sanguinary FX specializes in high quality, latex Halloween masks for both collectors and enthusiasts alike. Jeremy is a freelance artist who works in conceptual design, tattooing, sculpting, painting, and illustration. His obsession with SPFX makeup and mask making began in the Army, of all places after he began to perform and teach moulage for taining in trauma scenarios.

what's your favorite product you are offering this year?

Being new to vending, our inventory is rather small compared to most larger mask companies. We have big plans for expanding our focus to mechanical and static Halloween props, but are currently focused on our line of latex masks. By time the 2019 HAuNTcon arrives, we plan on having about 30-40 different designs available, as well as custom variants only available at the show.

what brought you to HAuNTcon

This year (nervous every step of the way) we made a huge decision to show our work alongside some of the greatest artists, and mask makers in the industry, and somewhere along the way HAuNTcon contacted us and offered us the opportunity to be a part of their show. Since we are new to making our artwork available for purchase, HAuNTcon is a huge marketing opportunity for us!

what's your favorite part about the halloween season?

Personally, my favorite part about the Halloween season is decorating. Decorating for Halloween is the reason Sanguinary FX exists. I had a Halloween party in 2008 that went a bit overboard. By overboard, I mean I never stopped decorating. Searching for “Do It Yourself” Halloween ideas became a bit of an obsession, and developed into sculpting, carpentry, and fabrication comparable to some of the larger haunted attractions…. In 2017, Sanguinary FX was born.

where can haunters find more information about your company?


Facebook: /sanguinaryfxstudio

Instagram: @sfxcassity

Twitter: /sanguinaryfx