Puppets for Profits - Methods for Puppeteering Startle Props in Your Haunt

Wednesday, January 20, 2021 - 7:00 am

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Keeping everyone safe in 2020 yielded a new scare system concept at Dead City Haunted House in Salt Lake City Utah that was so effective, it will continue to be used long after the pandemic subsides. Owner Timothy Riggs conceived and engineered a new system for actors to operate props safely from a distance while above patrons. Nicknamed "The Puppeteers", each of these actors operated dozens of unique scares from a single bridge out of sight. The puppets movements were very startlingly scary and also a very cost-efficient use of actor staffing. Design methods are not expensive or complex and can be fabricated with the skill set of the average haunter.  Join to learn more about the design of this new prop puppeting system as well as how it was implemented. Initially conceived with actor safety in mind, you'll leave with ideas on how to get more screams from your customers.
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