Northwest Haunters Association


tell us what inspired you to get involved in haunting?

My wife wanted me to decorate the outside of the house for Halloween like I did for the "other" holidays and the haunting bug took over from there.


What's the history of your haunt and association

Our home haunt changes every year and we have never done the same theme twice. We have done cemeteries, hotels, forest cabins, funeral homes, crazy towns, mix of Halloween themes and now at our new house a whole brand new cemetery will be created over the next 2 years and then who knows from there. I also help lead the Northwest Haunters Association and co-own the Northwest & Midwest Terror Tours with my partner Jim Eriksen.  

what's the most exciting new concept or area you're adding or incorporating in your haunt this year?

We took a Northwest Haunters Association Monster Mud class in June and that technique has taken over our creative minds. We will be making new monuments and creating one to Jack and Jill that uses monster mud and an infinity mirror effect, both types of props I've never made before.  


when's the last time you got really scared in a haunt?

I actually get "scared" in every haunt I go into, but of course different than the "normals" do. I get startled pretty easy but I also let the actors do their job and don't go through trying not to be scared. I usually go through twice so I can feel it as a normal and then I go in as a haunter and admire the work the haunt and actors put into the attraction.


are there any concepts or trends you are hoping to see this coming season?

Less clowns and more high tech scares and actors! I actually love when a haunt starts moving towards actors or motor driven props. Fr me, the air release on air compressor props gives away the scare so it's less effective, but I'm also jaded as a haunter too. Normals love everything we throw at them!

why do you attend HAuNTcon?

2019 will be my first year and I was invited to attend as a representative of the Northwest Haunters Association by HAuNTcon and we are very excited to attend and working on getting tons of our fellow haunters and friends to attend to make HAuNTcon the destination for home and pro haunters and everyone in between!