Magic Wheelchair


For the second year in a row, HAuNTcon will be teaming up with Davis Graveyard as they do a live build on the show floor. Once the build is complete on Saturday, January 26th, all haunters and attendees are invited to participate in our silent auction of the piece to bring back to their haunt. All proceeds of the silent auction will go to Magic Wheelchair - a non-profit organization that builds epic costumes for kiddos in wheelchairs - at no cost to families. Their vision is to put a smile on the face of every child in a wheelchair. 

This year’s creation will be “A Parisian Cemetery Scene” inspired by the fascinating Montmartre Cemetery in Paris, one of the city’s top three famous and most visited cemeteries. The centerpiece of this scene will be a reproduction of one of its famous bronze female mourning monuments against a background of the iconic Paris style crypts. People will be able to stand or sit in this picturesque photo-op scene.

Sponsored by Hot Wire Foam Factory and props provided by Ghost Ride Productions. Techniques to be demonstrated include:

  • Large scale foam structure building
  • Monument statue reproduction techniques
  • Monster mud use
  • Overall scene details


NEW THIS YEAR! Get your friends together to put forth your top bid! Elements are built independently if you would like to split the scene up and for easier transport. Bidding on the scene will begin at $500! Check back soon for a sneak peek of the 2019 design! 

In 2018, Davis Graveyard completed an ossuary crypt. The winning bid was submitted by the team at Legends of Fear in Shelton, Connecticut. Check out a few pictures below of the finalized crypt on the show floor and in action at Legends of Fear.

More About Magic Wheelchair

Ryan and Lana Weimer, the founders of Magic Wheelchair, have five children, three of whom were born with Spinal Muscular Atrophy, which requires the use of wheelchairs for the entirety of their lives. Each Halloween, Ryan made the biggest, “baddest” costumes he could for his sons, Keaton and Bryce. Once the news of these costumes spread, Ryan began receiving requests from parents around the world asking if he would transform their kid’s wheelchairs into “magic”. In 2015, Ryan and Lana decided to make that happen and start Magic Wheelchair.

To learn more about Magic Wheelchair check out their website here