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Scared of My Shadow
With over 15 years of professional design and construction expertise in costumes, masks and props, Scared of my Shadow knows how to engineer a hauntingly beautiful scare without sacrificing comfort.
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Causey Farms
Farmaphobia first opened in 2010 with a mixed bag of outdoor and indoor haunts and over 3,000 visitors came that first year. Since then they have come a long way, both in confidence and ability. They ...
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Amarillo Scaregrounds
We have always been into HALLOWEEN. When we first got married, it was understood that we decorate the outside of the house for HALLOWEEN night. We got so big that the street in front of our house was...
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Halloween 24x7
I've enjoyed Halloween ever since I was a child. It always brings a smile to my face when I recall the time that I created a Pac Man costume out of large refrigerator box and went Trick-or-Treat...
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Legends of Fear
We began our haunted attraction 22 years ago at our New England family Christmas Tree Farm. We decided to try a new idea that we learned at a Farm Bureau Meeting called agritourism, a new concept of b...
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Seymour's Shop of Horrors
Seymour's Shop of Horrors is a lifelong dream come true, creating custom homemade Halloween masks. My goal is to bring quality original latex masks to my customers with customization of colors wi...
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