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HAuNT Connect On-Demand

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Flattening the Curve: Aftershocks for the Attractions IndustryPresented by: Alex Crow and Amber Christopher

Haunter's Panel: After the PandemicPresented by: Cody Bailey and Matt Schanandore

Getting What We Need: A Gathering of VendorsPresented by: Alisa Kleckner, Quan Gan, Steve Birket and Warren Kong

How to Pivot Your Live Event: How you can respond to COVID-19Presented by: Amanda Ma and Phil Raybourn

Decoding the New COVID-19 State/Federal RegulationsPresented by: Cynthia Flynn

2020 Immersive Design Industry Annual Report PreviewPresented by: Ricky Brigante and Sarah Elger

New World Story TellingPresented by: Phil Raybourn

Attractions Indsutry Creative Freelancers: Preparing for a New Reality. Hosted by SLICE Creative NetworkPresented by: Brian Morrow, Cindy White, Colette Picceau, Melody Matheny, Phil Raybourn and Todd Zimmerman

Integrating Music & Sound with Story: Letting your Story Guide Your ScorePresented by: Chris Thomas

Breathe Easy - Managing Your Emotions During COVID-19Presented by: Angie Brown

How to Get Away with Lighting: Tips and Tricks to Pull Off Effective Lighting Design With What You HavePresented by: Andrew Schmedake and Daniel Bergher

Engaging Fear: Go Beyond the MazePresented by: Phil Raybourn

Fright Attraction Design from the Inside OutPresented by: Leonard Pickel

Melding Music & Sound with Your Haunt's StoryPresented by: Chris Thomas

It's ALIVE?! Prop Controllers for Your AttractionPresented by: Allen Redmon

Using Contrast: Ratchet Up the Fear in Your Haunted AttractionPresented by: Darryl Plunkie

Don't Panic, Pivot: New Rules, New Ideas.Presented by: Dan Doble, David Ruzicka, Phil Raybourn and Scott Swenson

Casting and Staffing Haunts in the 20'sPresented by: Alyssa Schipani, Angie Brown, Bruce Stanton, Scott Swenson and Spencer Terry

Scuzzy but Sanitized: Set and Scene Safety in the New WorldPresented by: Ernest Corder, Phil Raybourn, Tod Ardoin and Tyler Barnett

Actor Safety in the New WorldPresented by: Scott Swenson

Extreme Disaster Preparedness & Survival Strategy - Haunt EditionPresented by: Carol Jeffers

Marketing Done Right & With ROIPresented by: Doug Shelden

How to Open Your Haunt Post PandemicPresented by: Scott Swenson and Spencer Terry

Social Distancing Technology and AccomodationsPresented by: Cody Bailey, Looenoard Pickel, Peter Cliff and Scott Swenson

Virtual Make and Take - 3D Cat Sculpting and Pattern DesignPresented by: Victoria Lohman

"What do I say to them?" Personalizing Your Haunt Messaging during the PandemicPresented by: Brad Jashinsky, Liz Irving and Phil Raybourn

Effective Scaring & Story Telling in 2020. Scaring with Intent from over 6ft AwayPresented by: David D. Jones