Hands on Workshops


2020 Hands on Workshops

2021 Hands on Workshops Coming Soon!

These Workshops are designed to teach a technique, in a smaller project that attendees can then take home with them. Back at their own attraction, attendees can use these techniques on a grander scale to increase the effectiveness of their attractions.

Note: A materials fee is required for each class and seating is limited. 

Hands-On Custom Foam Latex Mask Workshop (Sock Mask)

Friday, January 17 on 10:30 AM - 3:00PM 

Join Michael Burnett, a veteran special effects and makeup artst with 30+ years of experience as he leads an interactive workshop on creating reusable rubber masks with foam latex products. Hand painting, airbrushing and proper appliance application will all be covered. All materials and equipment will be provided.

Included in your class cost are:

  • Custom spandex “sock” support base with zipper.
  • Choice of foam latex prosthetic to create mask
  • Custom urethane foam head form (take it with you!)
  • You will leave with your own finished mask!

Workshop Cost - $200 (Includes all materials and equipment needed for hands-on workshop)

Create Realistic, Lifelike Prop Eyes On A Budget

Saturday, January 18, 10:30 AM - 12:00 PM

Looking to make your creepy props a little more eerie or to give your silly props a bit more edge without the hefty cost of glass eyes? Join Michael and Lynn Burnett as they take you through how to create your own lifelike prop eyes for a fraction of the cost of a glass pair! Learn how to vein and paint them with different techniques, what materials to use and more! 

The cost of your class includes:

  • Learning about different tools, techniques & materials
  • How to paint and vein your prop eyes 
  • Pouring a bubble free clear coat
  • Walk away with 2 pairs of your own prop eyes!


Workshop Cost: $25 (Includes all equipment and materials needed for this hands-on workshop)

Realistic Tombstone Workshop

SATURDAY, JANUARY 18 1:00 PM - 3:00 PM & SUNDAY, JANUARY 19 11:00 AM - 1:00 PM

Jeff & Chris Davis and the Davis Graveyard Crew
In this 2 part, 2 hour each hands-on session, attendees will make smaller (18”x 30”) tombstone just like the ones in the Davis Graveyard. The first part will focus on shaping the stone, carving the epitaph and adding decorative accents. The second part will complete the tombstone, with faux stone painting techniques and detailed aging methods. Jeff, Chris and team will teach optional organic treatments for dressing the tombstone, and demonstrate a foolproof method for keeping the tombstone upright in almost any weather. 
Workshop Cost- $40 (Includes both parts and all materials and equipment needed for hands-on workshop)

Workshop cost: $40 (Includes all equipmental and materials needed for this hands-on workshop)


Demon Skeleton Skulls

SATURDAY, JANUARY 18 3:30 PM - 4:30 PM

Jeff & Chris Davis and the Davis Graveyard crew
A demon skull/statue can add instant atmosphere to any haunt scene. Create a simple demon head statue out of a skull (skeleton) and sculpting materials in this beginner-friendly demonstration. For advanced techniques, learn how to enhance and create distinct features to bring a skull to life. The demon head made in this class can be used as a display piece or can be attached to your skeleton body to create a complete demon. 

Workshop cost: $30 (Includes all equipmental and materials needed for this hands-on workshop)


Here is an example of some of the workshops held at past shows:

  • Introduction to Lifecasting
  • Realistic Tombstones
  • Monster Mud Mini Ghost
  • Large Blockhead Mallet
  • Creating a Shrunken Head Prop
  • Skull Lamp
  • Air Horn