Fusion Box Films


Tell us about your company history

Fusion Box Films is an award winning film production company based in New York City. Merging a focus on professionalism and artistic excellence, they have created narrative, and documentary film, television, music videos, commercials and promotional films. Their filmmakers have worked with stars like Mark Ruffalo, Lady Antebellum, Regis Philbin and Kathie Lee Gifford, just to name a few. Their award winning team has had their work and collaborations shown nationally in top tier film festivals and on major networks and platforms like NBC, ABC and Hulu. Their latest film, "Cannoli, Traditions Around the Table" was funded by a grant from Avenger's directors Anthony and Joe Russo. Fusion Box Films is run by siblings Francesco and Andrea Cordaro. 



what's your favorite product you're offering this year?

Though we do a variety of different types of work, we love working with Haunters to create narrative films to promote their attraction. Our favorite films develop characters that can be found inside the attraction.  

It is no secret that some of the most successful attractions in the world are also film studios. This is because your audience's relationship with you begins before they step through your doors. 

What we've heard from Haunters we've worked with, is that when someone walks into a room of your attraction they have seen in a film, a kind of magic happens. They become excited as what was fictional has now become real to them. Science has told us that excitement and nervousness are biologically the same. You have created a legend for that place. They have an emotional relationship with it. They already know why that room is scary, their imagination (the scariest place of all) creating anticipation around what they think could happen. Ultimately, you have pushed them into a more vulnerable state, which will make them easier to scare. 

There are also the simple marketing facts. We know that customers are more likely to buy after watching a video because video helps consumers like, know and trust you. Simply, they'll know what you do, and that you're good at it.  

what brought you to HAuNTcon?

Haunters are some of the most fun and interesting creatives out there. I have always been fascinated by immersive experiences. We're excited to connect with artists looking for film for their marketing or to be incorporated into their attraction. 

what's your favorite part about Halloween?

When I think about Halloween, I think about crisp air, caramel apples, and mischief. It gives us permission to play. It is the American Carnival and a holiday that involves your entire community. For me, I feel a sense of nostalgia, that for one night a year, I can wear some crazy thing, and play pretend like a kid. There's this trickster energy about the night too - you never know what could happen - a trick or a treat. There are few occasions where adults are given an excuse to be both creative and mischievous. And I think those are things people need to live a full life. 


where can haunters find more information about your company?

Come visit our booth at HAuNTcon! You can also see our films at FusionBoxFilms.com, and follow our adventures in the entertainment industry on Instagram @andrea.cordaro & @fusion_box_films