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Thursday January 24th Advanced All-Day and Half-day Workshops

HAuNTcon’s Thursday All-Day and Half-Day Advanced Workshops are designed to delve into larger more complicated subjects that need more time than can be covered in a one-hour seminar or even a two-hour workshop. These classes are led by our most experienced speakers and offer hours of in-depth, once in a lifetime, one on one instruction. An additional fee is required for each of the classes and includes a box lunch and roundtable discussion. Times, topics and speakers are subject to change.

Note: Registration to HAuNTcon is required to take these classes. There is also an additional charge to attend these classes.


2019 workshops announced!

Lifecasting With Body Safe Silicone
By Jesse Shoemaker of Darkwater FX

In this hands on workshop we will discuss several techniques and products for lifecasting. You will do a lifecast (that is make a mold) of your hand. Or rather you will make a mold of someone else’s hand, and they will make a mold of yours. We will also cover using expanding foams to pour into your hand mold. In the end you will have a lifecast (mold of a hand) and a foam cast from that mold.

Materials Cost - $185. Class Limited to 15 seats.



Makeup Room for the Haunted Attraction – With Airbrush Course 
By Kyle Vest of Prince of Fear  

This all day workshop on Haunted Attraction Makeup Room education is taught by award winning Prince of Fear, Kyle Vest, from season 2 of the hit television show “Skin Wars”. Kyle is a sought after makeup artist who travels the world teaching advanced classes for haunted attractions. In the fast paced first hour of this class, we will cover the basics including what you should have in your makeup from for the size of your attraction and how to best use all supplies (from teeth to handpainting to silicone). Once the basics are covered, the focus for the remainder of the 4 hours will be airbrushing for all skill levels with a focus on speed and efficiency. Even pros will be able to bump their skills to the next level and with tips, tricks, and secrets from industry pros, increase their speed.

Lunch is included. You will have supplies to paint, but you will need to bring your own airbrush and compressor. Materials Cost - $300. Class Limited to 15 Seats.

Optional to purchase during class- at exclusive HAuNTcon only rate:

  • Airbrush/compressor $150
    • Comes with compressor, airbrush, and hose
  • Master kit (what’s taught in first hour of class) $150
    • Makeup box, silicone, latex, aqua colors, brushes, pallets, teeth/mouth paint, and more!


Scary Faces 
By Nick Wolfe of Evil Twin FX   

Come Students will learn patterns, structure, color choice, and anatomy while developing a sense of depth in their face painting. Nick Wolfe will explain his technique in a systematic progression that you can take as far as you want to go! The class will then pain along with Nick on practice heads (provided) to practice blending and shading. A one hour lunch will break up the class and Nick will demonstrate faces in real time.

Lunch included. Materials Cost - $240. Class Limited to 15 seats.


Opening Your First Haunted Attraction 
By Leonard Pickel of Hauntrepreneurs

This session is a comprehensive overview of the various concerns relating to a “first time” October seasonal production, but even a well established Halloween event will learn how to maximize profits while decreasing costs of building an operation a Haunted Event. In this all day information filled interactive presentation, industry icon Leonard Pickel will share his 40 plus years experience in helping people get started in the haunt business. Chocked full of do’s and don’ts, tips and tricks on getting the attraction open, keeping it open and maximizing the money making potential of a for-profit or charity Halloween Event. Topics include, business plans, location requirements, safety and code compliance, the multi-element approach, ticketing, attraction style, construction options, advertising, operations, and it answers the most frequently asked questions. “How big should the haunt be, how much should I charge, and how much will it cost?” This session is the perfect stage for attendees to build on from classes the rest of the weekend, and will set the framework throughout their start up process. Check out Leonard's website at www. hauntrepreneurs.com or contact him at hauntrepreneurs@gmail.com

  Lunch included. Materials Cost - $325. Class Limited to 15 seats.

Take Your Carving Skills to the Next Level 
Victoria Lohman of Hotwire Foam

Join Victoria Lohman, of Hot Wire Foam Factory and learn some of latest carving techniques to make professional faux facades, elegant stone works, moldings and more. This course will take you through the full process from carving, to coating to painting so you can walk away with a finished piece and full knowledge to bring back to your attraction. All participants receive a voucher for 10% of their total order placed at the show with Hot Wire Foam Factory.

Lunch included. Materials Cost - $200. Class Limited to 15 seats.

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