Franklin's Frights

Tell us what inspired you to get involved in haunting

I have always enjoyed Halloween. The history, the decorations and the unknown. Being able to create the atmosphere to excite and scare people has been intriguing. I love to create and make things, so a Halloween home haunt was the perfect option. The look on kids and adults faces when the look at the props and environment that we have created with enjoyment and a little fear is what drives us to do more each year.

what's the history of your haunt?

When I met my wife Renee 14 years ago it was amazing to find that we both loved and had a passion for Halloween. We started decorating about 10 years ago with some pumpkins, store bought decorations. This was ok we had about 50 kids, but I wanted to go bigger and scarier! I started researching for props that I could build. I joined the Rocky Mountain Haunters out of Utah to learn from other haunters with the same passion. The next year I built a guillotine, some zombies. That year we doubled the kids that wanted to look at our yard. At that point caught the Halloween fever. I started looking at more things to build and started getting into animatronics. I built a zombie ground crawler, electric chair and coffins. I then started the graveyard theme and built on that with tombstones, lights, fog machines and music. At this point we were up to 500 plus kids on Halloween which was amazing.  I want to get more into working with foam for tombstones and build a mausoleum to extend our graveyard. I also would like to get more in depth with animatronics.


If you could permanently transform into one character, who would it be and why?

If I could transform into a character I think it would be Batman. I love the thought of being a hero and helping people. The toys and gadgets would be a plus.

when's the last time you got really scared in a haunt?

I don’t get scared easy, but if I had to pick one it would have been a time that I entered a part of the haunt that was a pitch-black room with strobes. People would grab at you and jump out screaming. It’s not the dark but the unknown of the dark, what you can’t see.


Is there anyone you turn to specifically for inspiration?

In researching for props and ideas I have always turned to Davis Graveyards in Oregon. We have always wanted to attend some of their workshops but have never had the chance. We were looking at their site a couple weeks ago. I enjoy looking at their tombstones since we have a graveyard theme.


What brings you to HAuNTcon?

I saw the advertisement for HAuNTcon 2019. We have always wanted to go to New Orleans and HAuNTcon. This was the perfect way to kill two birds with one stone per say. We bought ticket that day. We are so excited to meet new people with the same passion for Halloween and to learn so many new ideas and things to build. Not to mention to see all the exhibits of props, decorations and taking some of the classes at HAuNTcon.