Education Overview

Education Overview

The education sessions at the HAuNTcon Virtual Experience are designed to showcase new ideas, how to pivot, and ways to handle anything that is thrown your way in 2021. From marketing, operations, safety, actor management, design, makeup and more, our expert speakers will give you all the information you need to save time and money and bring in new guests.

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You can expect the following types of sessions during the HAuNTcon Virtual Experience 

Live Panels:
Join at specific times live to listen to the speakers, ask questions and get them answered live. This is more of a webinar style format where you will be able to listen and chat/message questions. These will be available on-demand after their initial release for those that missed or couldn't watch live.

Live Workshops: This is where you'll have a chance to not only learn but put your new skills into practice. Limited to smaller groups so that everyone has a chance to participate. Expect to be highly engaged with camera and microphone on so you can ask questions as you go and practice what you're learning. 

On-Demand Sessions: Sessions will be released each day that you can watch when is convenient for you. They are pre-recorded and available for the duration of the the event after they are released. It's easy to follow up with speakers by messaging them right in the virtual platform. 

Thank you to our friends at the Haunted Attraction Network for helping to develop this year's content.