American Plant, Inc.

what is the history of your haunt?

Halloween was always the biggest holiday in our house growing up.  My parents owned a florist and we always decorated for Halloween so much so I remember my mother coming back from Harper’s Ferry with an actual Irish hand made, toe pincher coffin strapped to the top of our station wagon. I taught myself how to make latex masks when the creature I wanted did not exist.  The internet provides a lot of beginner info but mostly trial and error, but there isn’t much I cannot make out of chicken wire and masking tape. Our gift manager wanted to do a headless horseman theme one year and I built a full size horse out of newspaper, electrical conduit and masking tape (then covered it with black thin pile fur).  That’s when my boss decided to ask me to do a small haunted house and now it has snowballed into an attraction that the community all look forward to each year. Now we have two locations where we change the theme every year and donate all procedes to the Leukemia Lymphoma Society's Light the Night Walk.

I had a customer who brought their son in who had been coming in every year and she told me I was the reason he went into set design and is now working in the theater professionally.  I have an extremely talented staff that I work with and we all seem to feed off one another.  As a general manager it is a great team building exercise during the summer when business is slower and it keeps moral up when its really hot.  I guess that’s why I am Mr. Halloween Here.  I couldn’t ask to work for a better company than American Plant they have allowed me to continue to be a kid.


when did you first get inspired to get into haunting?

I would say I first got inspired to start haunting when I was very young and was on a haunted trail in Clifton, VA.


If you could permanently transform into one character, who would it be and why?

If I could transform into one character I would transform into Jack Skellington because "I am the Pumpkin King."