2020 Smart Show Konduko


HAuNTcon is now a SMART Event – Presenting YOU with more ways to generate leads

To generate more ROI for your business and help you showcase your new product releases, HAuNTcon is providing exhibitors a new SMART solution to help you easily track new leads and visibly share your new products!

HAuNTcon is the first show of the 2020 where new products are launching and now we are making sure your new products not only stand out but you get the information from buyers who are interested in your products! Each exhibiting company will be provided with 1 FREE SMART Reader and app, powered by Konduko, for the 2020 event. View our pre-recorded webinar about the SMART Event and how it can help you here. 

HAuNTcon is now a SMART Event – Presenting YOU with more ways to generate leads

What are the benefits to You?

  • It’s FREE for you to use in our first year! With the opportunity to purchase additional readers and apps if you choose
  • Extended value to help you collect all the customers’ information who come to your booth – including Halloween & Party Expo retailers!
  • Never lose track of you who you met with
  • Don’t lose any leads even when busy
  • Provide lasting content for your visitors
  • Easy lead follow-up as all your leads are sent directly to you daily!
What are the benefits to You?

How does a SMART Event work?

  • All visitors will be equipped with a SMART Badge that interacts with the reader you place on your booth.
  • Your SMART Reader is placed on your booth, featuring digital content provided by you about your new products for the buyers to collect.
  • When buyers tap your SMART reader with their SMART badge, their contact details are saved.
  • The buyer will then receive an email at the end of the day containing the information about products or companies they have selected, and you get instant access to their contact details.
  • With the SMART App, you will be able to capture and qualify leads from your smartphone. Simply scan a visitor badge, retrieve contact data and add individual notes against each lead.
Watch the video below to see what the SMART Event can do for you:


Looking to learn more?


For any additional questions you may have, please contact our Exhibitor Services Manager Olivia Jone at Olivia.Jones@clarionevents.com or via phone at 918-832-9384

Interested in Additional Smart Readers for your booth?

Additional readers for your booth can be purchased through your Konduko portal once your account is activiated. A step-by-step guide on ordering additional SMART Readers can be found here