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Haunt Ed

Click here for the Seminar Schedule at a Glance




  • “10 Things You Need to Know to Keep Your Attraction From Getting Shut Down”
    Erick Donaldson, Gazall, Lewis & Associates Architects, Inc.
  • “Building a Haunted Attraction Acting Troupe”
    Dan “Boz” Krumlauf & Elaine “Zelda” Krumlauf, The ScreamSyndicate
  • “Successful Tips and Tricks for Successful Haunt Operation”
    Brett Bertolino, Eastern State Penitentiary
  • “The History of Your Future Success in Haunted Attractions”
    Dan "Boz" Krumlauf, Neon Gargoyle Enterprises, LLC
  • “Increasing Profit and Productivity with an Operations Manual”
    Eddie McLaurin, Woods of Terror Haunted Attractions
  • “Getting Started in the Haunted Attraction Industry Part 1 & 2”
    Leonard Pickel, Haunted Attraction Magazine
  • “Our First Year as a Professional Haunt: A Success Story”
    Norm Glenn, Mansion of Terror Haunted House
  • “An Inside Look at Busch Garden 's Hall-o-Screams Event”
    Robbi LePre, Busch Gardens Tampa
  • “An Inside Look at Halloween Horror Nights”
    T.J. Mannarino, Universal Studios Florida
  • “Volunteer Development For Your Event!”
    D'Ann Dagen, La-De-Da Productions
  • “Dreams to Reality: Building a Successful Charity Haunted Attraction”
    Todd Patton, Nightmarez Stage Fright


Haunt Design, Prop Making, and Scenic Treatment

  • “What Lurks in the Shadows? Setting the Mood for Terror with Layered Haunted House Lighting”
    Ben Armstrong, Netherworld Haunted House
  • “Building and Fire Codes”
    Fire Marshal Jim Williams, Texas Township Fire Department
  • “The Laws of FEAR”
    Sean and Adam Murray,
  • “Chilling Rooms Designs”
    Steve Myers & Joe Ripple, The Cox's Point Haunted Mansion
  • “Guts & Gore”
    John Burton, Theatrical Terror
  • “The Lost Art of Distressing”
    John Burton, Theatrical Terror
  • “Styrofoam Masonry”
    Mike Krausert & Bert Zelten, Bad Boys Scenic Design
  • “Pneumatics and Animation”
    Randy Bates, Bates Motel & Haunted Hayride
  • “How to Build Most Anything and Not Think Too Much”
    Cliff Martin, Hacker House
  • “Making the Leap to 3-D”
    Todd Patton, Nightmarez Stage Fright


Marketing & Promotions

  • “Effectively Marketing Your Haunt”
    Brett Bertolino, Eastern State Penitentiary
  • “Purchasing Media For the Halloween Event”
    Jen Sharlow, Scream Queen Marketing
  • “Marketing & Promotions Q&A Panel with Bad Boys Scenic Design”
    Mike Krausert, Kenrick Fruzen, Mike Parpovich, & Bert Zelten
  • “Increase Your Bottom Line with Celebrity Appearances”
    Reggie and Gigi Banister, Production Magic, Inc.
  • “Getting Started with Sponsorship”
    Steven Grimes, Fright Manor Haunted Attractions
  • “Promotions That Work!”
    Kelly Collins, Terror Park
  • “Using the Internet to Reach Customers”
    Sean Mika,
  • “Guerrilla Marketing Your Event”
    Cliff Martin, Hacker House


Haunt Tech

  • “Using Servos to Make Things Move!”
    Bryan Patterson, Raglan Castle Productions
  • “Electrical Systems for Your Haunt”
    David Enloe, Corpse Clan Productions
  • “Plug-n-Play Haunted Room with X-10 Controllers”
    David Heck, Cadaver Café
  • “Basic & Advanced Use of Haunt Timers”
    Jim Kadel, Haunt Master Products
  • “Creating Ghost Effects”
    Jon Hyers, Outrageous Media
  • “Custom Haunt Controller Programming”
    Jon Williams, Parallax, Inc.

GHOUL SCHOOL :: Education Series for Actors

“Screams, Screams and More Screams: Methods and Motivation for Effective Actors”
Presented by Ghoul School Keynote Speaker Chuck Williams


  • “Advanced Character Development”
  • “Haunting Healthy”
  • “Death in Isle 4: Grocery Store Makeup”
  • “Know Your Victim”
  • “Gender & Sexuality in Haunt Acting”
  • “Horror and Humor”

Product Demonstration Area Itinerary

Makeup Demonstrations

  • “Airbrushing Monster Make Up Made Easy!”  and “How To Make a Monster”
    Ralis Kahn, Ralis FX
  • “Extreme Face Painting”
    Wolfe Brothers Make-up
  • “Mold Making”
    Bates Motel & Haunted Hayride
  • “Distressing Costumes”
    John Hart, San Diego FX Studio

The difference between a first time Haunter and a seasoned veteran is knowledge. Without knowledge gained through years of experience and experimentation, you are doomed to make the same mistakes that have been made time after time before you.

At HAuNTcon the learning never stops! With over 60 hours of Haunter education, new ideas and nuances of old ones are refined and sometimes tried and true methods are thrown out all together for better more efficient techniques.

Education is the key to success in the Haunted Attraction industry! And HAuNTcon has THE most extensive education program available anywhere!

Spending years accumulating this knowledge is both costly and time consuming, but there is another way, and that is through education! By learning from the experience of others, first time haunters AND seasoned veterans alike can strive for a better understanding this thing we call Haunting. Learning what others who have traveled this path before us, found effective and a waste of time, allows us to raise our own attractions to a level greater than we could ever dream of doing ourselves.

Education is THE most important part of any conference, tradeshow or convention, and HAuNTcon has taken this concept to heart. Over 27 hours of FREE seminars are planned for the 3 day event, including sessions on marketing your event, how to use textiles and detail to increase the realism of your attraction, building animatronics, increasing your income, and decreasing your expenses, budgeting and business plans, all designed to make your attraction and your bottom line better in the coming season.

Take advantage of this unparalleled opportunity to pick the brains of the best and brightest Haunters in the industry. Whether you are just trying to start your first Haunted Attraction, or are a veteran Haunter with years of experience, there are sessions targeted just for you! The best part is that this education is totally FREE with admission to the show! Be sure to carefully select the sessions you plan to attend and get there early. Seating is limited and many of the seminars will fill up early.

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